Reviewing Souls & Crows – Judy Logan – Solo Exhibition – Tenby Museum & Art Gallery

Souls & Crows – Judy Logan – Solo Exhibition – Tenby Museum & Art Gallery It’s taken me time to reflect on my solo exhibition last year in the enchanting town of Tenby, South Wales. The show was the culmination of three years hard work and planning, involving collaborations with three different museum managers. The

Giant Crow – total cost £1 – honestly

With the chance to exhibit in the cavernous  Undercroft Gallery in Norwich I couldn’t resist making something really really big. Canvas, paint, supports, brushes – that budget turned out to be ginormous. Back to the drawing board. Canvas = coffee bean bags – FREE from Hot Numbers Cafe, Cambridge Paint = FREE – unused paint,

Magical Crow Sunbeam

Magic Crow I find that as I paint I get closer and closer to my subject. Whether it’s a crow in flight, the inclination of a woman’s head or the stateliness of a stag, after hours and days of close observation my subject starts to breath and comes alive.  This creative dialogue is mystical and

Fuel for the Imagination

Never in my life have I been so grateful for books. They fed my imagination when access to my staple inspirational nourishment – museums, people, galleries, life-drawing – was locked-down. Embraced within their pages I’ve travelled the world enjoying fictious and vicarious adventures on the way.   This painting THE MIRACLE OF IMAGINATION arose from