Giant Crow – total cost £1 – honestly

With the chance to exhibit in the cavernous  Undercroft Gallery in Norwich I couldn’t resist making something really really big.

Canvas, paint, supports, brushes – that budget turned out to be ginormous. Back to the drawing board.

Canvas = coffee bean bags – FREE from Hot Numbers Cafe, Cambridge

Paint = FREE – unused paint, any kind, from friends and other artists

Needle – once unpicked I had to sew together the bean bags I wanted on the front, and do a backing of lighter weight bean bags. I needed a very large needle which was kindly loaned to me by an artist friend

Sewing Twine – I bought a large roll for £1.00 from a craft shop

This project was just great fun.  I enjoyed making the huge canvas from the bean bags – it did take an awfully long time though. Painting it was pure joy, standing on ladders with paint brush tied to the end of a pole and with no intention of making it to sell it didn’t matter what paint I used so, matt, gloss, enamel all got mixed together.

The local hardware store happily donated a long cardboard tube to help with transport

An adventurous and incredibly satisfying project which definitely put the fun back in painting, exhibiting and also put a big smile on my face.