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The Silent Language of Unspoken Desires
Ready To Be Centre Stage

Judy Logan is a contemporary artist who loves crows,
our secret inner lives and adventures

Fascinated with how we interpret each other’s complex emotions Judy draws her inspiration from the complicated interior worlds we all inhabit. She explores her intuitions through two main types of image: portraits painted from the imagination that zing with colour and inventiveness; and prints that explore the dark antics of the crows and ravens that entrance her. 

“Judy’s work dazzled me, right from the start. I visited her studio and the immediacy and power of her paintings took my breath away. I found myself surrounded by nature at its most powerful, predatory crows watching my every move. A woman’s portrait stared back me, impossible to ignore. It doesn’t matter whether the woman inside the frame is gazing at us directly, or looking away. She is queen of her empire, always in control of her thoughts, and her destiny.“ 

Kate Rhodes, Internationally acclaimed crime novelist and award-winning poet

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